'15 Handprint Farms Sous Sol Riesling

The Wine

The 2015 Riesling was built to remain refreshing with a deeper dimension, while strictly adhering to proper balance of acidity.  the Residual Sugar Content is 0.07 g/l.  The wine has a deep straw-yellow hue with a bouquet of honeysuckle, stone fruit and almond.  The palate tells a slightly different story with tart honey crisp apple, resounding minerality, and a subtle, though racy finish.  This is a great wine paired with pate, rich rillettes, and stinky, soft cheese.  Whether it is enjoyed in the sun or is a complement to savory cuisine you will find this well priced Rielsing easy to enjoy on many occasions.


Our approach to winemaking is simple.  Do what you need to usher in the Vineyards intentions, but with Riesling this is no simple feat.  As of 2014 we took on our 1st white wine production with this mission in mind.  Of course, we wanted to work with a Washington State hallmark varietal but we wanted to create a style that is unique to Sous Sol.  Our '15 Riesling was harvested in early October, whole cluster pressed and quickly inoculated.  The lot was fermented in closed top containers with an Epernay yeast strain at a mild rate to control primary fermentation rates.  The '15 Riesling was left sur lei for an extended period, cold stablized and stored in stainless steel tanks to retain the freshness that is expected from an old world style Rielsing.

The Vineyards

The Handprint Farm Vineyard is a little Riesling plot that rests in the Yakima River Valley in Prosser, WA.  The Vineyard is a Yakima Valley AVA and boasts 100% holistic farming practices.  There has been zero sprays or pesticides applied to these vines allowing the cool, natural elements of the river valley to be in harmony.  The site is much cooler than typical vineyards in Washington State, but the length of hang time and high levels of acidity provide the ideal conditions for the style of Riesling we seek to produce at Sous Sol.