'15 Boushey Vineyard Sangiovese Rose

The Wine

The 2015 Sous Sol Rose was built to remain refreshing with strict adherence to proper balance of acidity.  This beautiful little number offers a bouquet of light strawberry, floral notes and a hint of watermelon.  The bright palate transports you to the south of France with tart strawberry, watermelon and hints of raspberry along with a refreshing acidic finish that stands up to solid food pairings of Beef Carpaccio, Grilled Vegetables, and stinky, soft cheese. Whether it is enjoyed in the sun, or is a complement to savory cuisine you will find yourself gratified that we didn't drink it all ourselves! Enjoy

The Vineyards

The Vineyards of Dick Boushey live amongst one of the most diverse farms in all of Washington.  Boushey Vineyards are located in the Yakima Valley outside the town of Grandview and have boasted award winning wines and viticulture practices for many years.  The Blocks that yield the Sangiovese for the Sous Sol Rose that are located smack in the middle of all of this diversity, are Grosso Clone 2 & 3, and are trellised on the Geneva Double Curtain.  This method is to help usher the sensitive varietal to ripeness without being sunburned and shriveled by the heat of Eastern Washington. 


Our approach to winemaking is simple.  Work diligently to elevate the natural expression presented by the Vineyards..  As of 2015 our process has been updated due to the smaller berries that come from the Geneva Double Curtain Vines.  The ’15 Rose was harvested in late September for this Vintage, pressed through a bladder press allowing the intended color extraction to occur without additional cold soaking.  The lot was fermented in closed top containers with a Rhone yeast strain at a mild rate to control primary fermentation rates.   The '15 Rose was racked off lees, cold stabilized and bottled within months to retain the freshness that is expected from a old world style Rose.  Our intent is to make products with an old world appeal that are to be enjoyed with friends and family alongside delicious meals.  The basic foundation of wine is a communal experience that brings us together to share, laugh, and relish in the simple pleasures of life.