'13 Sous Sol Red Blend

The Vineyards
From the onset of this project, we always seeked a symbiotic vineyard blend that offers a depth of character similar to Old World winemaking. Our sourcing is 100% Yakima Valley and we are proud to work with Boushey and DuBrul Vineyards respectfully2013 was a warm growing season in Washington. For some, it was the warmest season on record in terms of Growing Degree Days. Though there were comparisons to be made to 2003 in terms of heat accumulation, 2013 did not see the significant heat spikes that 2003 did. Rather, the year was consistently warm, with notably warmer-than-average nighttime temperatures, especially in August. The heat accelerated many indicators of the growing season, including bud break, bloom, and veraison, generally putting them about four to ten days ahead of historical averages. We were very thankful that these warm days cooled off significantly during the night to allow some additional hang time to mature.

Our approach to winemaking is simple. Work diligently to elevate the natural expression presented by the Vineyards. The grapes cold soak for a short period to provide time for aqueous extraction. The ’13 Vintage was fermented in open top fermenters at a mild rate to control primary fermentation extraction rates. We basket press and rack into oak barrels of variant ages for each specific varietal. Our intent is to make products with an old world appeal that are to be enjoyed with friends and family alongside delicious meals. The basic foundation of wine is a communal experience that brings us together to share, laugh, and relish in the simple pleasures of life.

The Wine
The 2013 was aged 24 months in barrel and 9 months in bottle prior to release. The blend is 49% Boushey Vineyard Sangiovese, 43% Dubrul Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% of DuBrul Vineyard Syrah. With the ’13 you will find a robust and rustic wine that is drinking well now or up to 5 years in the cellar. The bouquet of denotes strong dark currant, earthy spice notes and bitter dark chocolate with the lingering mouth feel providing a bit more elegance with balance tannins and cooked red fruit.
This wine is made to complement savory cuisine. Enjoy