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From our Sous Sol to yours

About Us

Sous Sol Winery is an independent boutique winery located in Seattle, Washington.  Sous Sol; latin for “under the sun” but more precisely “basement” in French, began in ’08 with the humble efforts of the current management group with roots in the local food and beverage industry. As the core of this group ironed out its intention over the next couple years, a significant effort was applied to formulate the wineries operational approach and creation of “style”. In 2011, Sous Sol Winery became officially bonded at the original basement of our Seward Park home.  Since 2012 our official production facility has been a moving target but as of October 2019 we landed in a wine collective in Woodinville, WA. 

Our mission is to produce complex wines representing Old World qualities without the complex price tag.   The basic foundation of wine is a communal experience that brings us together to share, laugh and relish in the simple pleasures of life.

From our Sous Sol to yours

Derek Shankland- Winemaker

Operating Partners

Brian Paulen, Michelle Shankland & Mike Klotz